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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Reading Program

Question:  Do I have to sign up for the Summer Reading Program to attend events?

Answer:  No, Library events are free and open for everyone.  However, some programs are for specific age groups.

Question:  Do I have to read library books?

Answer:  No, any book, magazine, newspaper or even web page can be counted.

Question:  Can I count audio books?

Answer:  Sorry, but audio books do not count unless you follow along in the book.

Question:  Do I have to have a library card to participate in the Summer Reading Program?

Answer:  No, having a library card is not necessary to join.  However, we encourage you to get one and take advantage of all the free materials and services we offer.

Question:  My child doesn't read.  Can he/she participate?

Answer:  Anything the child reads or has read to him/her counts toward 500 minutes.

Question:  If I read to my child can the minutes count for both of us?

Answer:  Yes!