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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Reading Program

Question:  Why should I sign-up my child?

Answer:  Reading is an important skill that your child will use for the rest of her/his life.  Encouraging the love of reading is a priceless foundation you are building to support your child's education.  It is fun and your child will receive FREE books for reading!  Your child can pick out a FREE book after reading 500, 1000, and 1500 minutes!

Question:  Do I have to sign up for the Summer Reading Program to attend events?

Answer:  No, Library events are free and open for everyone.  However, some programs are for specific age groups.

Question:  Do I have to read library books?

Answer:  No, any book, magazine, newspaper or even web page can be counted.

Question:  If I read a book to my child more than once, can I track those minutes?

Answer:  Of course!  What's important is that there is reading taking place.  Reading books multiple times to a child is beneficial to the development of vocabulary and future reading skills.

Question:  Can I count audio books?

Answer:  Sure! Count that time!!

Question:  Do I have to have a library card to participate in the Summer Reading Program?

Answer:  No, having a library card is not necessary to join.  However, we encourage you to get one and take advantage of all the free materials and services we offer.

Question:  My child doesn't read.  Can he/she participate?

Answer:  Anything the child reads or has read to him/her counts toward 500 minutes.

Question:  If I read to my child can the minutes count for both of us?

Answer:  Yes!

Question:  I can't find my log to turn in my time!

Answer:  You can track your time on anything.  The log is provided for your convenience.  Turn it in at the library or email

Question:  Tracking the time on-line seems lik a hassle. Do I have to do it this way?

Answer:  No, on-line tracking is a way for you and the Library to make sure your child receives the prizes he/she deserves.  Track the time how it works for you.  time can be entered at the library or by emailing Ms. Carmen at **Please allow a full day before coming in to pick-up prizes if you email the time.

Question:  How long do we have to read 500 minutes?

Answer:  If you read as little as 15 minutes a day, you can have 500 minutes in 34 days.  The programs runs seven weeks (that's 49 days) and all time must be turned in by Thursday, July 20 to receive a prize.

Question:  Why do you track minutes?  Pages are easier.

Answer:  We track minutes because this is a common way for kids to track their reading for school.  It is what they are accustomed to doing.  Please don't feel like you need to set a timer.  Just give us the best estimate for the time you have read.  We trust you!!

Question:  What are this year's prizes?

Answer:  We will announce those at a later date.

Question:  Are there any programs for adults only?

Answer:  Many of our events are family friendly, such as, the Family 50's Sock Hop and the Let's Eat Pie Social.  We do have one adult only program on July 12.

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